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✔️Free Entry to Museum 
✔️ Welcome Show
✔️1 hour Dinner Time
✔️2hours Show 
✔️Approximately 1 hour transfer  time(both ways)
(Depending on pick-ups and traffic can be less/more)

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First Pick Up at 17:00

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Welcome to our caravanserai, sapphires of Sultan Alaattin. Please carefully read the information below to understand better the program dedicated to grand festivities.



1. Mehter and Opening
2. Arrival of Sultan Alaattin (HOLOGRAM)
3. Mevlana (HOLOGRAM)*
4. Whirling Dervish Performance and Duty Period (LIVE)
5. Zeybek (HOLOGRAM)
6. Zeybek, Roman, Black Sea (LIVE)


7. Shadow Man (HOLOGRAM)
8. Shadows of Osman (LIVE)
9. Harem Eunuch (HOLOGRAM)
10. The Sultan's Favorite Belly Dance (LIVE)
11. Caucasian Kartah (HOLOGRAM)
12. Alarahan Caucasus Group Final Dance


1. *Mehteran and Açılis:* The Mehteran Team, an essential part of the Ottoman army, played music to demoralize the enemy and boost their own troops' morale. This segment will feature a brief performance by this historic orchestra.

2. *Arrival of Sultan Alaattin (HOLOGRAM):* Sultan Alaattin will welcome you via hologram.

3. *Mevlana (HOLOGRAM):* 
    - *Whirling Dervish Culture Explanation:* Mevlana provides insight into the Whirling Dervish tradition.
    - *Significance:* The whirling dervish show is a meditative practice aimed at getting closer to God, not a form of worship. Mevlana founded this culture. Key elements include:
        - The right hand points up to receive God's love and mercy.
        - The left hand points down to distribute this love and mercy to all humanity.
        - Mevlana's famous saying: "Come, come again, no matter what you are."
        - The hats symbolize tombstones, and the clothes represent shrouds.
        - The spinning signifies the celestial bodies' movement, symbolizing the remembrance of Allah.

4. *Whirling Dervish Performance (LIVE):* A live demonstration of the Whirling Dervish dance.

5. *Zeybek (HOLOGRAM):* A hologram presentation of the traditional Zeybek dance.

6. *Zeybek, Roman, Black Sea (LIVE):* Live performances of the Zeybek, Roman, and Black Sea dances.

*Part 2*

7. *Shadow Man (HOLOGRAM):* A hologram performance by the Shadow Man.

8. *Shadows of Osman (LIVE):* A live shadow performance representing the legacy of Osman.

9. *Harem Eunuch (HOLOGRAM):* A hologram presentation about the role of harem eunuchs.

10. *The Sultan's Favorite Belly Dance (LIVE):* A live belly dance performance, favored by the Sultan.

11. *Caucasian Kartah (HOLOGRAM):* A hologram presentation of the Caucasian Kartah dance.

12. *Alarahan Caucasus Group Final Dance:* The finale features a live performance by the Alarahan Caucasus Group.

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